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Military Ranks

Military ranks as in the Geneva Conventions have overlapping segregations of “officers”, “non-commissioned officers” and “men”. The Military ranks of “non-commissioned officers” are the same as “Enlisted Personnel”. The Military rank only grades seniority and command within the military organizations.

The Military ranks are responsible for personnel and equipment in every mission. This responsibility is directly proportional to every increase in Military rank. However, there is no relation of the rank with the pay scale. Corporal and Specialist ranks have the same pay scale but the ranks differ as regards to their roles in the functioning of the military activities. A Corporal is a leader and higher in rank than a Specialist.

The Military ranks of Commissioned Officers have further divisions, such as-

1. Flag Officers are the Commodores, Admirals, Generals and Marshals who command units independently for long periods (brigades and fleet of ships).
2. Field Grade Officers command units independently for short periods (battalions, regiments and large warships). These are the general staff of Military rank.
3. Company Grade or Junior Officers are among the lower ranks of officers. They do have the independent command of the units for any period. They are the captains, lieutenants and ensigns.
4. Warrant officers possess the rank due to their technical skills. They do not command any units.

The Military ranks of Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are the enlisted personnel. They have specific administrative duties and supervise other soldiers. Senior officers of this Military rank are officially below even junior commissioned officers. Sergeants fall in this category. Others here are the “specialist” and the “private soldier”.

Many Military ranks are officers without any direct command functions. However, the charges of this Military rank spreads over strategic planning, training, intelligence, transportation, logistics, supply, medical, pay and various others. These ranks are in use in military organizations all over the world and this is a universally recognized badge of leadership as well as responsibility towards the country and fellow citizens.

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